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The Calling

 Group Coaching

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Is this for me? 

The Calling

Group Coaching is for: 


  • Women who want to cast a purposeful vision for their life

  • Women seeking deeper spiritual direction and intimacy with God  

  • Leaders seeking new insights, inspiration and fresh direction

  • Women seeking to start a business, ministry or non-profit

  • Writers wanting to start a book, finishing a book, start a blog, course or workshop material

  • Individuals looking to craft a healthy lifestyle and explore roadblocks

  • Moms wanting to realign their parenting style or homeschooling


When was the last time YOU intentionally PURSUED a season of deep reflection?

The Calling is designed to support you in crafting the path your heart aches for.

Facilitated by Gretchen Maurer 

 Click here for Gretchen's Bio 

      When: Tuesday evenings On-line 

Time: 7 pm - 8:30 pm 

Where: From your smart phone or computer!

We use Zoom meeting. Super easy & Free

Just a click from an email in the comfort of your own home...  

3 dates for 2018!!

limited class size for maximum impact || 4 women only

  • January 30th thru March 13th ( in-progress)

  • March 20th thru May 1st (2 spots left)

  • May 8th thru June 19th (2 spots left)

Cost: $349 per person ( $299 with early bird signup!)

Why the Cost?

The Calling workshop is $349 per person. $299 for the early bird price.

I understand that this is an investment for some and a bargain in the mind of others who know the cost of coaching can be in the thousands.

Each class is 90 minutes and you have unlimited access to me through text or email.

Plus a 30-40 minute 1 on 1 check-in phone call with me each week.

This coaching program will stretch you, refine you and Jesus will meet you there!

There will be mastery work that lines up with your vision, journal writing &  buddy calls in between the meetings on line.

Many beautiful relationships are forged in these groups.

Come experience community as God intended it to be; common unity ... life changing... I was concerned about attending without my husband, then God showed me I was not alone as I could relate with each individual who God united in this smaller community. Just because the class ended on a calendar date; it is ongoing in Christ. IT IS AWESOME how limitless God truly is!

Great curriculum; great tools; and great glory to our Father in Heaven! “Convergence” is the word that best describes my experience with The Calling. My reality has merged beautifully

There is a $50 discount Early Bird sign up. To get the workshop for $299 sign up 2 weeks before the session you want.

We ask for payment in full up front. This encourages commitment to the entire workshop process. If you do not wish to pay on-line, we can do a credit card over the phone 203.848.4706.

You are also welcome to mail a check to: ReGeneration 350 Phoenixville Rd, Chaplin, CT 06235. Make the check out to ReGeneration

If for some reason you have to miss a class due to emergencies, they will be recorded. All members will receive a recording so you can get the most out of each class and listen as many times as you wish!

If you have additional questions please ask using this form below. 

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Other offerings: 


Master mind pastors group:

Currently we are gathering information as to how we can best serve Pastors. Our experience in working with pastors has been two fold. We have offered our Calling class to pastors and their wives and witnessed tremendous growth and change for them and their churches.

On the other end we work with Pastors and missionaries who have suffered from sin, broken marriages and failing ministries. A Master mind group will be a tremendous resource addressing the emotional, relational and administration side of being a Pastor.

  • How to balance the calling with family
  • How much to ask of family
  • When to take a step away
  • When to hire someone
  • How to stay connected with the Lord through it all.  


ASSESSMENTS we offer for: 

Personality || Pre-Marital || Marriage || Vocational || Spiritual || Mental Illness || Career


Videos & webinars

This year we plan on bringing information through video. We see the future is going to be on-line and we desire to do our part in getting good information out there. 


coaching 1 to 1:

Transformational coaching looks to the future. Whether you are seeking a fresh trajectory for your business, church or personal growth; this coaching process can help you bring it all into focus through a new vision, targeted actions and measurable results. Transformational coaching is an art and a practice of guiding you toward greater competence and fulfillment. It is purposeful and designed to maximize the full potential of individuals and organizations.