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Gretchen Maurer

Meet Gretchen 



What is not clear for you?



What is there... that you are not seeing?


Getting clear is a process

No matter what stage of life you are in there is always a way forward you are simply not seeing.

You have all the answers, talents and resources within you and within reach. Coaching will bring it all into focus.

Gretchen Maurer

As a Clarity Coach I help individuals, small groups, leaders & entrepreneurs find clarity in their calling, career and endeavors.

Whether it's a new direction or realizing new solutions, asking the right questions can make all the difference!

"Gretchen is a master at listening for your "drift" as well as what you are not saying, but need clarity in."


Gretchen Maurer

Gretchen is a Clarity Coach. By listening and asking the right questions she helps professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs get clear! Whether it's a new direction or realizing new solutions, she can help you see a clearer path that lines up with your personal goals, vision and calling.

Don't know your vision or calling? That's OK! We will start there.


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Maybe you would like to be in a group coaching setting or have help with your team?

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Activities & Affiliations & Training

  • Certified Coaching from Advancing Ministries

  • Long term staff @His Mansion Ministry from 2005 to 2011

  • Inner healing teacher, co-leader in the trauma.

  • Prepare and Enrich Marriage training

  • Former Celebrate Recovery leader

  • Inner healing training: Healing Care Ministries at Ashland Theological Seminary

  • Coaching leader for The Calling for Women.