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Wedding Morning Success By Gretchen Maurer

Wedding Morning Success By Gretchen Maurer

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Sarah says: My mom bought me this book as a shower gift, and I will be buying it for every bride-to-be I know!! Like all brides I was a little nervous about my wedding but thanks to this book I had all my bases covered and I was the calmest bride my stylist had ever seen! The book has sections for all the different places you might be getting ready on your wedding day, as well as tips for handling different personalities, and even the family dog! I was getting ready in two places, but I also read all the other chapters just in case!! I was so prepared for everything that it kept me stress-free and my big day went off without a hitch! If you are a bride I highly recommend this read!

As a Wedding Morning Stylist and the author of this book, I have seen it all. Disorganization, too small getting ready rooms, fainting bridesmaids, family squabbles, late stylists, the dog that got the cake and the cat that got the veil. Here are tons of tips and things you have never even though of that will make your wedding morning run with joy. From hotels, to mansions, to family summer homes, the brides house, moms house and some unique locations each place has its set of challenges to navigate. Beauty services, foods orders, pets and teens, packing, car pools, lost keys and parades! Emotions, anxiety, forgotten veils and celebration all because two people fell in love!

This fun and entertaining read will settle so many issues you have not even thought of. Enjoy this book and pass it along to your friends.

Susan says: This book was very helpful for my son's wedding. His bride was so busy but I was able to share all the practical tips this book has to offer. A must have book!

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