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Parenting Seminar

Watch a humorous and transparent intro of Fritz & Gretchen's beginning

into helping parents and their counseling practice.

Chaos to Connection Parenting Seminar is now on Video! Free!

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Master mind pastors group:

Currently we are gathering information as to how we can best serve Pastors. Our experience in working with pastors has been two fold. We have offered our Calling class to pastors and their wives and witnessed tremendous growth and change for them and their churches.

On the other end we work with Pastors and missionaries who have suffered from sin, broken marriages and failing ministries. A Master mind group will be a tremendous resource addressing the emotional, relational and administration side of being a Pastor. How to balance the calling with family, how much to ask of family, when to take a step away and hire someone and how to stay connected with the Lord through it all.  

ASSESSMENTS we offer for: 

Personality || Pre-Marital || Marriage || Vocational || Spiritual || Mental Illness || Career

Videos & webinars

This year we plan on bringing information through video. We see the future is going to be on-line and we desire to do our part in getting good information out there. 


Transformational coaching looks to the future. Whether you are seeking a fresh trajectory for your business, church or personal growth; this coaching process can help you bring it all into focus through a new vision, targeted actions and measurable results. Transformational coaching is an art and a practice of guiding you toward greater competence and fulfillment. It is purposeful and designed to maximize the full potential of individuals and organizations.